Sewing hack you didn't know! Part 6

Sewing hack you didn't know! Part 6

Are you tired of your hand-sewn Blanket stitches turning out uneven? We completely understand the frustration. But don't worry, as we have a quick solution for you! Get ready to sew with precision and ease by using your own finger as a stitch guide.

Here's how it works: before you start sewing embroidery stitches, make small marks on your finger to serve as measurement guides. These marks will act as your own personal pattern, ensuring that your stitches are even and consistent. By using this trick, you'll be able to sew more efficiently and effectively, all while avoiding any unwanted marks on your fabric.

With your finger as a reliable guide, you can confidently stitch away, knowing that each stitch will be just as perfect as the last.

Gone are the days of frustration and uneven stitches. With this handy trick, you'll have a newfound sense of control and precision in your hand-sewing endeavors.

So go ahead, give it a try, and experience the joy of creating beautifully even Blanket stitches without any hassle or marks on your fabric.

Happy sewing!

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