Bear mom and baby sewing pattern and tutorial very detailed and accompanied with a video of the process, so you can easily follow it even if you don’t have so much experience with sewing toys.

In the tutorial, I’m explaining the basics of toy sewing, fabric and stitches that I use, and step by step I guide you through the process of sewing the mom bear, her baby and all the clothes and accessories she owns. At the end of the tutorial you will
find pattern pieces to print directly from this PDF file.

Bear dresses
Baby bear

The mother bear's body is sewn together in one piece, but she can still sit. Her arms are button jointed, but movable and she can wave. When mommy bear goes for a  walk, she carries her baby around in a sling carrier just next to her heart, because that's the way the baby likes it the most. And she carries all the baby's necessities in her backpack. She didn’t have much time for the hairstyle, so she just put a simple headband on her head. 


Did you know?

that female bears are very affectionate and gentle mothers to their youngs. Protecting their young is a common quality that both the human and animal mother share. They look after them, pamper them, and create a safe environment in which they grow up.

Spend hours of quality time playing together with your child, dressing together a bear's jumpsuit, tying a rockabilly headband or playing with a baby bear. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it. And we all know how useful pretend play is for our children…..and us, right?

I suggest that you sew this toy

from calico cotton, kona cotton, lightweight quilting cotton or linen... because these fabrics are accessible and easy to sew. The baby's face is embroidered and including pacifier that is not removable. Mom's face is a combination of craft plastic eyes and embroidery. Bear mom and baby rag doll set is machine sewn with seam allowance included. Both metric and imperial measurements are included.

Skill level – intermediate or confident beginner.

Experience sewing cloth dolls is not necessary, but sewing skills are recommended.

And, I'm just an email away so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Gabriele
    The course is very beautiful, has every step by step explaining how to do. Excellent 👏😍
  • Jeannie
    This pattern so awesome! That baby elephant is the cutest thing ever! I had so much fun sewing this up, and I made quite a few because it was so adorable.
  • Pilli
    I have bought several patterns from Petra, which means that her patterns are professionally made. Her patterns are full of photos, the instructions are clear. I'm always eager on her new patterns.
  • Elaine
    Very nice, just as I wanted it.
  • Kokila
    This pattern is fantastic. The instructions are so clear and easy to follow. There are lots of pictures to help understand the instructions better, and a link to a video of the process too, which is very helpful. I cannot fault this pattern at all!
  • Lucinda L Chomycz
    Very sorry. There were delays in the printing. I came back later and the last pages were waiting for me. Looks like a great project!

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