Free memory bunny sewing pattern and tutorial

FREE Memory bunny 9 inches

This pattern is perfect for all of you who want to use preloved clothing and belongings with sentimental value to make a beautiful keepsake toy to mark a special occasion or in memory of a special loved one.

This is a lovely item to make for yourself or give as a gift.


Sewing pattern and tutorial Memory bunny 9"

FREE Memory bunny sewing pattern and tutorial

This memory bunny rabbit pattern has jointed arms that are movable and legs that are sewn onto the body using a ladder stitch. This means the bunny is a 'sitting bunny'. The tutorial includes two options for ears-long and short and two options for face - craft eyes and nose and embroidered options.

The pattern comes with detailed instructions so it is suitable for a sewist with a basic knowledge of machine and hand sewing.

For sewing, your special keepsake bunny you can use most fabrics just use interfacing to line fabrics. This bunny is made from scraps of re-purposed clothing.

FREE Memory bunny sewing pattern and tutorial

Download our Memory Bunny sewing pattern and tutorial for free, and the fun begin!
Enjoy making your own keepsake bunny!!

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