Sewing hack you didn't know! Part 7

Sewing hack you didn't know! Part 7

Did you know that darts are actually pretty clever when it comes to sewing? They're a technique used to transform a flat piece of fabric into a three-dimensional shape. It's like magic!

When you're sewing a dart, make sure to stitch the dart legs together starting from the edge of the fabric and moving towards the tip of the dart. It might be tempting to go the other way but trust me, it's not a good idea. If you start from the tip, there's a high chance that your thread will get all tangled up at the beginning, and that's not fun.

Now, when you begin stitching from the edge, you can back-tack the stitching to secure it. However, be careful not to do the same thing at the tip of the dart. If you back tack there, it will create an unsightly lump, and we don't want that, do we?

Instead, what you should do is stitch off the edge of the fabric and then cut the threads, leaving enough length so you can tie them together by hand. Make sure to tie a tight double knot to secure everything nicely. And just like that, you've successfully sewn a dart without any tangled threads or unsightly lumps.

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