Sewing hack you didn't know! Part 8

Sewing hack you didn't know! Part 8

✂ Quick & Easy Seam Allowance Hack! 🚀

Tired of wasting time measuring every point when adding seam allowance to your pattern directly on the fabric?

I've got a great solution for you! Check it out!

Align the tips of your Frixion Pen and colored pencil together. Use tape to secure them.

Now, draw around the pattern. Voila! You now have a clear and defined seam allowance marked on your fabric.

Isn't this hack super cool? Not only does it save you precious time, but it also keeps your measurements accurate. And don't worry if you make a mistake—just apply heat (e.g., iron) to erase the Frixion Pen markings. Easy peasy!

So go ahead, and give this speedy technique a try!

Happy stitching, my fabulous friends! 🧵💖

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