Whip Applique stitch

Whip Stitch Appliqué Instructions:
1. I use whip applique stitch for sewing felt facial features on toys.

2. Hide the starting knot under the felt applique.

3. From underneath take your first stitch to the top of the applique (a short distance from the edge)

4. Take your stitches in a slightly diagonal direction to the edge of the felt applique.
Catch the background fabric and bring your needle up at your applique.

5. Repeat stitching in this manner to the end. Try to keep your stitches as even as you can.

6. After you finish, make a knot and insert the needle near the finished knot and out of the toy's head about 1/2 - 1" away.

7. Pull the thread through and hold it taut while snipping the thread. The excess thread should disappear back inside of the head.

I use Whip Applique stitch for sewing felt facial features on toys.

Here’s a video!

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